Eye Drop Aid

It can be tricky to hit the bullseye when putting in eye drops. But help is at hand. Opticare eye drop aid makes it easier to squeeze the bottle and accurately target your eye. Grip-sized and compatible with many bottles, it puts you in control.

Opticare 5 colours to choose from


making eye drops easy

  • Eye Piece

    Rest the eye piece comfortably around the eye to steady your hand and accurately target drops.

  • Squeeze Pads

    Gently press the two squeeze pads to release a single drop. A big help for arthritic patients.

  • Versatility

    Opticare can be used with the majority of round and oval eye drop bottles

  • Ergonomic Design

    Opticare's grip-sized body makes it easier to position the bottle and administer drops.

Easy to Use

this short video shows you how

Designed to Help

Opticare was designed by a pharmacist who understood from experience how tricky it can be to use eye drops. Packaged in bottles that are often rigid, small and fiddly to use, drops regularly go down the cheek rather than into the eye. So, he developed an aid that accurately targets the eye and helps you to squeeze the bottle. It can be used with many different bottle sizes and brands, so you only need to buy Opticare once. It is prescribed in hospitals and community settings across the NHS to support eye drop compliance and independent living.

We're pleased that a simple, well-designed aid like Opticare can make daily life a little easier for many people.

Colour Me Happy

As many people use more than one type of eye drop, it's handy to be able to easily distinguish between them using Opticare's bright colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Opticare for different types of eye drops?

    Designed to work with most 2.5-10ml round eye drop bottles, Opticare can be used again and again. It keeps on helping you even when your brand of eye drops changes.

  • How do I know how to use my eye drop aid?

    Each eye drop aid comes with full instructions. Once the bottle is loaded into the aid, it can stay there until your drops are finished. Opticare comes in a variety of bright colours to help you differentiate between drops.

    Opticare Instructions

  • How can I perfect my technique?

    Getting the right number of drops in your eye at the right time can be difficult. But with a little practice and a good technique it’s much easier. Try these seven steps to eye drop success.

    7 simple steps

Customer Reviews

“Now very simple for me to do them on my own. You've made the impossible, possible."

“5 out of 6 new patients with dexterity issues were taught to self-administer their eye drops within a few days.”

“I find Opticare a great boon. It is wonderful to be able to administer drops myself, rather than having to rely on someone else."

“I do find it efficient releasing just one drop without wastage."

“My district nurse introduced me to your eye drop dispenser. I would like you to know what an invaluable help it is to me.”